Private Works / Urbanisations


1. Historical Review - NORDELTA

During the decade of '70 on the land that today stands the Nordelta emprendimento, he began to outline the first draft of a long-term project, where the first major constraint was the hydraulic stability of the area because of what is a region low height, for he had to design a solution that would guarantee that the land to be worked met above flood levels.

In the years '80 began working with designers, developers and first national and international consultants, evaluating the hydraulic behavior on different alternatives, economic and technical feasibility, market study, needs analysis and trends, in order to reach a master plan that specifically define the inverções and work to develop in the following years.

In 1992 the government of Buenos Aires state approved by decree the creation of this new urban center and its master plan, being declared of state and municipal interest, to develop the Tiger Town 28 km from the center of Buenos Aires.

It was the transformation of an area of 1,600 hectares privileged geographically, to be inserted in a position of environmental excellence and modern infrastructure, the surrounding urban fabric.

The project falls within an area 30 minutes from downtown Buenos Aires, 20 of Capital, 5 of the Municipality of San Isidro and was incorporated into the zoning code Tiger Town.

The remarkable experience SUPERCEMENTO SAIC y DRAGADOS Y WORKS PORTUARIAS SA in infrastructure, sanitation and land reclamation for fuloado, have the appropriate technological basis for the conception of the project, which was designed with strong environmental emphasis.

In July 1999, after years of work in the field of soil movement, infrastructure installation, creating lakes, ground preparation for afforestation, etc., there was the launch of the marketing of the first neighborhoods, ushering in a growth stage in according to established in the master plan that follows still progressing without interruption.

Ecological sustainability of the project: recovered a low area, flooded, aimless fit for productive agricultural activities through the full hydraulic sanitation.

Some 1300 hectares are filled in until the protective height of floods by means of dredging fuloado and conventional soil movement hydrologically controlled, it has connection gates with outer water system which enables the bioburden and especially for the regulation of any excess.

2. Master Plan NORDELTA

On the basis of the above, an area of 1600 ha 28 km from the city of Buenos Aires, 7 km from the Panamerican Highway, through its own access, is diagrammed-Nordelta, Mega-project organized operatively on the basis of a plan, set perfectly in time, which aimed and thoroughly evaluated every detail, without neglecting any aspect that the quality of life of its inhabitants and the ecological conditions of the area.

This Plan, known as Master Plan Nordelta, considered the implementation of the 18 districts comprising the emprendimento, with all the infrastructure services required, a shopping center with river station, guard speedboats and residential area, a medical center that is the most modern and comfortable the North Zone, a shopping center with with a gas station, 12,000 m2 of shopping, supermarket and gastronomic center, and 40 ha dedicated to education which operate at the highest level schools, it is the largest educational center parents.

Complement the services, the Office Park, Civic Center and areas destined to sports constituted by Nordelta club, boating area, the center of nautical activities motor and Golf Club with a prestigious 18-hole course.

This Master Plan, which has been carefully and rigorously implemented, with 180 ha of ponds, printed the Nordelta character model, not only the quantitative characteristics of the project if not for the quality of management that is evident.

3. Work Done

The current reality of Nordelta, as stated, is a reflection of many years of intensive engineering management, execution of works and commercial activity. Some indicators as detailed below give the magnitude of the large size of the activities.


- Soil movement: more than 22 million m3
- Internal floors: 81 km.
- Gas and Electricity networks: 124 km.
- Water Networks, Irrigation and Drainage: 74 km.
- Telephony and Data Networks: 72 km.
- Sewage Treatment Plant.
- Water Treatment Plant: capacity 3000 m3 / day.